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    Based on global perspective and market sensitivity, combing our rich products experience, we know better about the quality and price level for the products supplied for ships. Except our own products, we also buy directly from factory – with MOQ and in cash, trying to get the best prices. Now, we export more than 4500 IMPA codes to ship suppliers worldwide. 

We share the benefits of large-scale procurement with our clients. No need to buy big quantities, no risk for wrong supplier and products, no financial risk. 

Regarding inquiry and order procession, we provide sufficient information for the products we supplied. Remarks are listed in our inquiry and order documents. The photos and packing details are provided by our website Customers can download the Technical data sheets after authorization. As to shipment, we guarantee to make fast delivery within 15 days for one container. 

Today, thanks to the confidence and support of our partners worldwide, ZIPA delivers even more values to our clients worldwide. 

We strongly believe “Every word carries weight, wills unite like a fortress”. We will create more beautiful future together with our customers, staff and the stakeholders.  

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