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Our products range include:

IMPA 15: bed sheets, quilt cover, blanket cover, pillow case

IMPA 19: boilersuit, parkas, uniform, winter inner suit, CE certificate 

IMPA 23: oil absorbent sheets, roll, pillow, boom, pellets, oil spill response container

IMPA 23: Pilot ladder, CCS/ABS/DNV-GL Certificate; Embarkation ladder, CCS Certificate 

IMPA 23: Pilot ladder holding magnetic, CE Certificate 

IMPA 33: IMO Symbols, Posters, Pipe tapes 

IMPA 37: Merchant flags,flag ensign, international code of signals, hand flags, etc.

IMPA 55: liquid soap, liquid cleaner, hand liquid, floor stripper, floor wax, etc. 

IMPA 59/61: Tools: Jet chisel needle, Needle supporter, s. steel banding tape 

IMPA 65: Water finding paste, oil and gasoline finding paste

IMPA 81: Water activated tape for pipe repair, anticorrosive tape